9 Wire recognizes the benefits from recycling for a couple reasons. From a business side, it helps you recover some of your sensor investment costs and creates jobs in the metal scrap industry. From an environmental perspective, it repurposes those materials that are still perfectly functional that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Recycling just makes sense. Send us your used thermocouples and we'll give you a credit towards your future purchase of new products.

Now that you’re convinced that this type of recycling is important, how do you get started? Begin your thermocouple wire recycling program with the following five easy steps:
  1. Take inventory of how many thermocouples you’re going through on a monthly basis and how much this is costing your company.
  2. Contact us at 9 Wire by calling 608-592-3838 and ask to be considered for the recycling program.
  3. We’ll evaluate the processing time and quote a rebuilt sensor pricing schedule.
  4. Make sure this program will fit your budget and fall below the amount you’ll be compensated for your recycling efforts.
  5. Once you have a pricing and processing agreement in place, package your used thermocouples and send it to 9 Wire at the address below (in our footer).
It’s really that easy. Once you have a working relationship started with 9 Wire, subsequent recycling of other temperature sensors will seem like a breeze because you’ll know exactly what to do. And, rest assured, the effort you make to recycle your thermocouples pales in comparison to the benefits. You will feel good about helping the planet, as well as protecting your company’s bottom line.