9 Wire, LLC manufactures the widest range of engineered temperature sensors for thermocouple and resistance temperature detector (RTD) applications. We have a wide variety of J Type and K Type industrial temperature sensors suited for use in the plastics industry, industrial processing, as well as sanitary temperature sensors for the food and beverage industry. Our custom engineered temperature sensor probes and temperature sensor assemblies can tackle the toughest industrial process and OEM applications. Plus, our stock and standard design temperature sensors are available for same day delivery.

9 Wire stocks many different sizes of bayonet caps, bayonet adapters, springs, plugs, wire, armor cable, compression fittings, and tube adapter.

Adjustable with Armor Thermocouples
Adjustable with armor style thermocouple temperature probes use flexible stainless steel armor cable with a rotating bayonet lock-cap on the outside diameter that adjusts to various immersion depths. The armor cable provides protection for the thermocouple wire.

Adjustable with Spring Thermocouples
Adjustable with spring style thermocouple temperature probes use a compression spring and bayonet lock-cap which allows this design to adjust to hole depths up to 12" deep. The spring keeps pressure on the probe tip for exceptional contact and continuous response.

Adjustable Melt Bolt Thermocouples
Adjustable melt bolt thermocouple probes has a movable probe secured by tightening a  nut and ferrule. The probe can be immersed into or withdrawn from the plastic melt stream while the extruder is in full operation at maximum flow rates and pressures.

Base Metal Protection Tube Thermocouples
Base metal protection tube thermocouples are typically used in heavy-duty industrial environments. They may require a hot and cold leg configuration. Spare parts can be ordered to extend the life of the heavy duty construction.

Compression Fitting Thermocouples
Compression fitting thermocouple probes are available in a wide variety of lengths, mounting configurations and styles. The fittings range in diameters from 1 /16" up to 1 /2" and the ferrules come in Stainless Steel, Teflon, and Brass.

Custom Thermocouples
9 Wire is a manufacturer of standard and custom temperature sensors. Please contact us for assistance in designing a temperature sensor for your application, or submit specifications in the contact form.

Exposed Junction Thermocouples
The exposed junction is a specific type of thermocouple junction exposed to the environment without any protection. An exposed junction offers the fastest response time.

Extension Cables
Extension Cables are frequently needed when the leads are not long enough. Our extension cables are built strong for long lasting durability. Extend your leads of the thermocouples to get the separation needed.

Fixed Bayonet Thermocouples
Fixed bayonet thermocouple probes are available in a wide variety of lengths, mounting configurations, and styles. Standard options include straight; 45°; and 90° bends.

Fixed Melt Bolt Thermocouples
9 Wire’s style melt bolt thermocouple temperature probes are designed for dependable temperature measurement of the plastic melt stream within extruders and injection molding equipment. Available in tube and wire or with mineral insulated (MgO) sensing elements for extended pressure and temperature performance.

General Purpose Thermocouples
General purpose thermocouple probes, sometimes referred to as tube and wire thermocouple probes, are available in many standard and custom configurations. We currently offer type J and type K calibration and many variations of the same.

Hand Held Thermocouples
9 Wire offers a wide variety of hand held thermocouples. The hand held thermocouples are perfect for taking a quick reading while maintaining control with the handle.

Industrial Thermocouples
9 Wire manufactures many styles of industrial thermocouple assemblies for a wide range of industries. Typical assemblies include cast iron, or aluminum heads, thermowells, protection tubes, and replacement elements.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
9 Wire’s style mineral insulated thermocouple probes are manufactured with compacted magnesium oxide (MgO) insulation housed in a stainless steel or alloy sheath that protects the thermocouple element from the application's environment. Available in 1/16”; 1/8”; 3/16”, and 1/4” diameter.

Minature Thermocouples
9 Wire manufactures a complete line of miniature thermocouple temperature probes for applications with tight space requirements, limited access, or other considerations.

Multipoint Thermocouples
Multipoint probes consist of several smaller diameter thermocouples placed inside a single outer sheath. They are best suited for profiling the temperature at various points along a single axis.

Nozzle Bolt Thermocouples
Nozzle bolt thermocouple probes are used for mounting requirements on a plastics injection equipment, hot runner molds, and other auxiliary apparatus. Lead wires can be with fiberglass insulation or Stainless steel overbraid.

Pipe Clamp Thermocouples
9 Wire offers pipe clamp style thermocouple sensors for temperature measurements on pipe ranging from ½" to 8”" diameters. Stainless steel over-braid shield protects the element, which senses the temperature on the surface of the clamp.

Quick Detachable Thermocouples
9 Wire’s quick detachable thermocouples are high quality, economical thermocouple probes. Standard lengths from 6” to 12” available and different styles include straight, 45°, and 90° bends.

Shim Stock Thermocouples
Our shim stock thermocouple sensors are available in Type J or Type K calibration with various junction types. Various termination styles to choose from including male plugs, bare pig tails, or pigs with lugs.

Special Surface Thermocouples
Special surface thermocouples are setup and designed to meet specific application. Options may include special probes or mounting brackets. Call and ask for assistance with your special surface temperature sensor needs.

Surface Mount Thermocouples
9 Wire’s style thermocouples for surface mounting can be provided with a variety of terminations, lengths, and calibrations of wire. Standard mounting is with ring lugs or eyelets. Ask us about other surface mounting configurations.