9 Wire LLC manufactures the widest range of engineered temperature sensors for thermocouple and resistance temperature detector (RTD) applications. We have a wide variety of industrial temperature sensors suited for use in the plastics industry, industrial processing, as well as sanitary temperature sensors for the food and beverage industry. Our custom engineered temperature sensor probes and temperature sensor assemblies can tackle the toughest industrial process and OEM applications. Plus, our stock and standard design temperature sensors are available for same day delivery.

Adjustable with Armor RTDs
Adjustable with armor style RTD probes use flexible stainless steel armor cable with a rotating bayonet lock-cap on the outside diameter that adjusts to various immersion depths. The armor cable provides protection for the RTD wire.

Custom Industrial RTDs
9 Wire is a manufacturer of standard and custom RTD's. Please contact us for assistance in designing an RTD for your application, or submit specifications in the contact form.

Fixed Bayonet RTDs
Fixed bayonet RTD's are available in a wide variety of lengths, mounting configurations and styles.  Standard options include straight;  45°;  and 90° bends.

General Purpose RTDs
General purpose RTD's are available in many standard and custom configurations.  We currently offer Class A, and Class B in 100ohm and 1,000 ohm calibrations and many variations of the same.

Special RTDs
Special surface RTD's are setup and designed to meet specific application. Options may include special probes or mounting brackets. Call and ask for assistance with your special surface temperature sensor needs.